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MAPS sarl is a well-established and leading geospatial company in the Middle East and Africa. Founded in 1974 in Lebanon, MAPS is known as the company that has brought to the Middle East the latest state-of-the-art technologies in airborne and satellite imaging, ground based collection systems and customized GIS solutions. MAPS sarl serves all land-use and natural resource industries in the region.

The managers of MAPS Lebanon, Hisham Zantout and Mohtassam Zahra, who proved to be key figures in the growth of the company with an outstanding experience spanning over three decades, in managing geospatial and aerial mapping projects locally and abroad, have recently acquired the company's fixed assets and are continuing the geospatial business under the new name “MAPSGEO sarl” 

Our mission is to adopt the latest innovative and advanced spatial technologies into our workflow with the support of our knowledgeable team and skilled partners to deliver products that meet client expectations with better outcome and cost benefits. 

At MAPSGEO sarl, we, management and staff, are looking forward to continue and develop the business relationship with all our partners and customers. Through our keenness on ensuring the success of our customers’ businesses, we can promise you that the level of service and support provided will be exceptional.

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Satellite imagery

Leveraging the broad variety of satellite data sources available, MAPSGEO offers expertise and turn-key solutions in a variety of application domains, including:

Oil & gas, mining: natural seep detection to reduce risk of new exploration, infrastructure site selection and route planning, monitoring of subsidence and environmental impact assessments.


Aerial Photography

MAPSGEO along with its aerial photography partners who own various type of aerial survey aircrafts, are equipped with up-to-date digital aerial camera  having various resolutions to meet all kind of digital mapping project requirements. 


Digital Elevations

MAPSGEO with the gained experince in the generation of accurate terrain and surface models that are used in the production of Orthophoto, volume computations, cut/fill, drainage, water flow directions , catchment basin and other services as well as in 3D City modeling. 


Monitoring & Change Detection

Satellites provide an ideal platform to enable non-intrusive monitoring of locations, regardless of how remote they may be. Infrastructure or environmental changes whether over many years or from day- to- day can be readily observed. 


Feature Mapping

Urban/Regional planning: creation of large- or small- scale topographic mapping for use in spatial data infrastructure development, land use planning and permitting.

Transportation and utility maps: pre-feasibility, route planning for transportation (roads, rail, etc.), pipeline and power line corridors, including land cover, geohazards, geology, etc.


Airport Obstacle Charts

MAPSGEO has the know-how to produce airport obstacle charts using latest technology based on the use of aerial sourcse such as Aerial Photography, Satellite Imagery that meets the International Civil Aviation Organization standards.  


Surface Slope Analysis

MAPSGEO has vast experience on providing elevation, profiles and reports highlighting on  critical slope zones that should be avoided for safety constructions. 


Deformation Maps

 Generation of deformation maps using InSAR imagery, by comparing the changed components of the return signals - the 'phase shift' - from many passes, using complex algorithms which reveals the detailed surface movement.

The deformation map generated shows the land deformation of any area or infrastructure site  in mm/yr.


Geological Map Interpretation

 Preliminary geological studies are conducted using the satellite base imagery optical and SAR, that help in determining the faults and structure lines in general and provide focus for exploration targets. It is a cost effective and help in exploring large areas, even those that are remote and dangerous. 


Installation of Physical or Virtual Ground Receiving Station (GRS) with various Optical & Radar imagery from high to medium resolutions

Benefits of local receiving ground station (Physical or Virtual):

·  Download immediately the freshly collected Data.

·  Images collected are available few minutes after collection.

·  Processing starts immediately in local data center.

·  Geospatial information made available to analysts immediately. 


Telecom Dataset Layers for Telecom, TV & Radio broadcast

Major features:

> 3D dataset designed for radio propagation analysis and simulation. (5G/4G planning. TV broadcast planning and other radio network planning)

> Geo dataset is composed of 3D vector, DHM-clutter heights, DTM, DLU-clutter, 2D Linear vector.

> This dataset is optimized for global simulation software such as Atoll (Forsk), Planet (Infovista) and others, also it is compatible with major propagation model such as (CrossWave, Volcano..etc)

> High resolution orthoimagery




A trusted partner and innovator in Earth Intelligence and Space Infrastructure 


Airbus supplier for  Earth observation satellite systems  and Eleveation Data


Space is our Future


 Remote Sensing Makes the Earth Better! 


SIIS contributes Remote Sensing and Earth observation industries societies by providing very high resolution optical and SAR images


Earth Observation Data & Application



SpaceWill Offers geospatial services including BaseMap production, ortho imagery creation, DEM & DTM processing, telemapping etc.. 


 Optical, Luminous, Video image programing and application


 Insights at the Speed of the Chang



Provision of millimeter-accurate land deformation data using  inSAR


The future never happens. We transfer the future into present. 


Airborne remote sensing using high tech digital Camera and Laser scanners (LiDAR)


Provide Innovative Solutions to the Geospatial World including LiDar Survey Mapping  


Professional LiDar Mapping Services


GIS professional for  regional geological analysis, diamond and base metal exploration 


Professional MAPS, Charts, & Geospatial Data


Innovative & low-cost underwater solutions. Bathymetry, Seafloor Mapping

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